Vegetarian Shoes and Manchester

19 Jan

My vegan Ugg boots from Vegetarian Shoes arrived today, and they are well worth the wait – so warm and cosy! I’m totally thrilled with them! If you want warm, toasty feet and maximum style you can’t go far wrong ordering a pair for yourself!

I’ve also been in Manchester for the past two days for work, but whilst I was there I dropped into the 8th Day Co-op and Cafe.

The Co-op first of all, which is great, and stocked with all your favourite vegan/vegetarian foods, drinks, chilled items, frozen items, beauty and household items. I came away with some black rice udon noodles, and nearly bought some spelt pizza bases but the fact I would have to carry them around Manchester for 2 days put me off!

My evening meal was taken in the cafe in the basement below the co-op. It was lovely and cosy down there, and quite quiet. I ordered their Dragon Pie (and aduki and vegetable cottage pie) which came with a lovely side salad, and finished it off with a slice of chocolate rum pie. Both were really yummy, and the reason I have no photos to show you is because I had troughed my way through the pie and half-way through the desert before I realised I should have taken a picture. Ooops!

There was plenty to choose from in the cafe from soups to salads to more substantial hot dishes. They do breakfasts too. There was also lots of gorgeous looking cakes and biscuits, and coffee and tea galore. Upstairs in the co-op there were also fresh items to take away (sandwiches, pie, pastries, cakes, etc.) so good vegan/vegetarian food a plenty, and lots of wheat-free options. I would definitely return here next time I’m in Manchester.


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