Rainbow Cafe, Cambridge

13 Feb

Thursday saw me in Cambridge for work, and a visit from MG, who I haven’t seen for ages. Dinner that evening was at the Rainbow Cafe in Cambridge.

I was a little unsure about whether MG would enjoy Rainbow Cafe. I have known him for a long time, and lived with him for a year, and throughout the duration I have never known him eat anything more interesting than Readybrek, Peanut butter sandwiches on white bread, and sausage and mash. It’s the same every day. Still, he was brave and decided to try vegetarian food for an evening.

Rainbow Cafe is a quaint little place, tucked down a side alley, opposite Kings College. It has a lovely chilled atmosphere and the menu includes both vegan, gluten-free and nut free options.

MG chose the Cuban Pecadillo Pie (Quorn adaption with capers, olives golden, cumin & more topped with white & then sweet
potato, sprinkled with cheese & parsley & oven baked. Served on rice & peas or turmeric rice &
salad garnish. )

I chose Ethiopian Mesir-Wat (Lentil Bowl) £8.95 vgf
Lentils, seasonal pumpkin & more, made with our special “berbere” spice mix & homemade
vegan “Niter Kibbeh” – “Ethiopian butter” – to give a true authentic flavour. Served with turmeric
rice & salad.

The food was ok. I found my choice a little bland and boring but it was fine.

We both had dessert. I chose a vegan wheat-free chocolate and coffee cheesecake, MG had the carrot cake. I really enjoyed my choice, it was lovely, but not enough coffee flavour for my tastes. MG said that his carrot cake was good, but not the best he’d ever had.

All in all the food was good, but not spectacular, but perfectly fine for a quick meal on a Thursday evening – it is a cafe and not a restaurant after all, and the atmosphere and prices are both excellent.


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