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Regular Run: 28th June 2010

28 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – Regular Run: 28th June 2010 on 06/28/2010.

Today I’m back into my usual routine after a week away camping in Suffolk. Not a great deal of exercise was undertaken last week other than walking short distances, so I guess that is pretty much a Juneathon fail.

This weekend I spent in Northumberland visiting the parents. It was absolutely gorgeous up there, the weather was sunny and warm, and the beaches were pretty empty as always. We did a nice walk on Saturday, and two on Sunday, along the beaches with the dog, and very nice they were too.

This evening I have my yoga class, and given that the weather is so lovely at the moment, I might have a walk at lunchtime at work. – General Road Cycling: 18th June 2010 on 06/18/2010

18 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – General Road Cycling: 18th June 2010 on 06/18/2010.

Where has the sun gone?!

Out on the bike again. A few hills this morning, and it was pretty windy so half of the ride was into a head wind. It started to spit whilst I was out. I hope that doesn’t mean our summer is over!

Off to Suffolk for a week’s camping this afternoon, so I won’t be blogging, but I’ll try to get my Juneathon session in and will blog about it when I get back! – General Road Cycling: 17th June 2010 on 06/17/2010

17 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – General Road Cycling: 17th June 2010 on 06/17/2010.

Went out on the usual bike circuit this morning. Plenty of people out and about this morning walking their dogs and not paying attention. One guy with his dog on one of those bungee leads really wasn’t paying attention and his dog went for me as I cycled past – I squealed like a girl but luckily didn’t fall off!

It’s going to be another hot one today. This weather is fantastic, I really have no complaints at all!! – Regular Run: Wednesday 16th May 2010 on 06/16/2010

16 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – Regular Run: Wednesday 16th May 2010 on 06/16/2010.

What a glorious morning – I love getting out for a run early before anyone else is awake. The advantages are numerous:

1. There is no-one to fight with for pavement space.

2. You don’t have to stop at junctions very often because there are very few cars on the road.

3. There are no leery chavs making smart comments when you run past.

4. It smells amazing.

5. You feel wonderful for the rest of the day knowing you’ve got your exercise under your belt.

I’m a morning person usually anyway, so getting up early really does not bother me in the slightest.

Just a short run this morning of just under 2.5 miles. I turned my ankle a couple of weeks ago when out with the WRN group and it has been bothering me since doing the 20 mile Alwinton Round so I have been going easy on it. It is getting better but slowly, so I am just keeping the mileage down until it heals itself.

I finished off with 5 sun salutations to stretch out my calves and ham strings. – Aerobic – Misc Body Combat: Davina’s Cardio Box Class on 06/15/2010

15 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – Aerobic – Misc Body Combat: Davina’s Cardio Box Class on 06/15/2010.

My bike chain needs oiling, and it’s cold, so being rather pathetic I stayed under the covers when the alarm went off at 5am this morning, but, fellow Juneathoners, I did not fail you and got straight onto a 30 minute Davina DVD when I got home this evening – a good 30 mins of cardio-box got rid of a lot of pent-up aggression and had me sweating like a very sweaty person on a hot day!

I like the Davina DVDs, and I hadn’t done this one for a while so it was nice to use it again. I might use it more often actually, particularly in the winter when it’s a bit cold for a bike ride, but we will see. – Training Log for fadryn

14 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – Training Log for fadryn.

Hello fellow Juneathoners – sorry for the radio silence. I have been in the highlands of Scotland without internet access, but I have been trying to keep to the Juneathon spirit!

Unfortunately I got some sort of vomiting bug which put me off the exercise radar and under the bed covers for a few days last week, but as soon as I could I was back to the Juneathon challenge.

So, this is what I have been up to since last posting:

Monday 7th June – sick

Tuesday 8th June – sick

Wednesday 9th June -sick

Thursday 10th June – 2 walks in Scotland (total 8 miles)

Friday 11th June – 1 walk in Scotland (6.5 miles)

Saturday 12th June – 1 walk in Scotland (8.5 miles)

Sunday 13th June – called into my parents in Northumberland walked the dog on the way back from Scotland, only just over a mile, but better than nothing!

Monday 14th June – Ashtanga yoga class – Regular Walk: 6th June 2010 on 06/06/2010

6 Jun

Juneathon 2010 – Regular Walk: 6th June 2010 on 06/06/2010.

30 minute walk to stretch out my legs after yesterday’s mammoth hike. Everything aches today: 20 miles definitely kills your legs. 😦

Ashtanga yoga tomorrow!