Janathon – The Analysis

31 Jan

So, Janathon is over and done with, and the final stats are as follows:

Run – 31.6 mi – 25.6 hrs
Bike – 3.0 mi – 0.2 hrs
Walk – 25.6 mi – 33.2 hrs
Skate – 0.0 mi – 18.0 hrs
Cross – 5.0 mi – 11.0 hrs
Total – 65.1 mi – 88.0 hrs

I’m quite pleased with the monthly total, and know that I have done more miles than reflected in the total figures because of my skating. I skate hard for 2 or 3 hours at derby training, and we go pretty fast. I guestimate that we probably do 6 miles for each hour of skating so if we convert the 18 hours of skating into miles that would be 108 miles (approx). Smart!

I’ve really enjoyed doing Janathon. I’m dead pleased with myself that I exercised every day of the month, even when I was off sick, and feel so much fitter as a result.

The hardest session was definitely last Saturday after I had spent the day in Sheffield, and didn’t get home until late, and then knew that I had to do my Janathon – but I did it.

Thanks Cathy and Sean and no doubt many many other folks for putting this all together, it’s been fun, and I’ll miss reading all the blogs and seeing people log their miles on runningfree, but I will be pleased to switch back to using Daily Mile, which I much prefer, and will look forward to having a day off here and there.

How long is it until June….?


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