More Cake!

1 Apr

So the smell of chocolate was too overwhelming to wait until lunch time so once 11 came around I decided that cake was perfect elevenses and dived in!

The cake was moist (despite the time royal mail took getting it to me) and had chocolate buttons hidden within the crumb. What I thought were almonds on the top turned out to be white chocolate buttons, which was a nice touch but did cause momentary panic until I remembered that Sweet Nothings was indeed a VEGAN bakery! 🙂

The cake was sweet and rich and had a nice texture, perhaps a little oily for me, but still very good. The flavour was lovely and the size just right: anything bigger would have been too sweet and sickly I think.

The frosting on the top was really nice, but again, very sweet. It worked perfectly with this indulgent cake.

The cake had been a bit bashed about on it’s journey from the bakery to my house, and had lost it’s paper case, but had held together well and was till perfectly edible if not quite reflecting it’s newly baked glory. Perfectly fine for private gobbling, but if it was for a gift or an occasion where perfect appearance was important this might be an issue.

All in all it was a really enjoyable cupcake. I’ve eaten Babycakes NYC gluten free vegan cupcakes when I go over there but hadn’t come across a British baker of such goods. Babycakes cupcakes are lighter and less oily, but I would argue that the taste and pleasure of eating the cupcake was just the same.

So, if you are a wheat intolerant vegan looking for a lovely treat, I don’t think you can go too far wrong with a cake from Sweet Nothings: definitely recommended!


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