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Travel Time Again

8 May
Off on my travels again! This time I’m visiting Calgary, Chicago and Toronto.
I’ve never been to Calgary or Chicago before so I’m really looking forward to visiting those cities, even if I am only in Calgary for 24 hours! And I love Toronto so it will be great to go back.

Yesterday I spent the day with my parents in Northumberland. We had a pretty quiet day: pootled about and walked the dog. The countryside there is looking really pretty at the moment. I’m looking forward to having a bit more of a play when I get back in a week and a half.

The other exciting thing to look forward to when I get back is my first bout with the Milk Rollers! Just an intra-league closed bout, but it will be good to pop my bout cherry and we have some amazing guest skaters coming to skate with us, which I am really excited about.

Then it’s 1 week back in the office and then straight out to Vancouver for a weeks conference, but that trip should be fun as I will have some company in the form of M our study abroad officer. Also, I’ve never been to Vancouver so I’m really looking forward to seeing the city.

So, it’s a busy few weeks ahead!

Awesome Weekend

4 May
Had a fantastic weekend!
Friday we avoided the Royal Wedding hype with a day’s walking in the Lakes!
Saturday we headed to Dalby Forest for a morning of Go Ape! and an afternoon of cycling.
Sunday was three hours of Middlesbrough Milk Roller training
Monday was a day’s walking at Robin Hood’s Bay and Ravenscar
Tuesday we went up to Northumberland for a boat trip to the Farne Islands to see Puffins and Seals.
Awesome, but tired now. 🙂