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Passport Stamps

30 Sep

SF Airport Boredom

30 Sep

Souley Vegan

28 Sep

Anne, Jenny and I went out for food at Souley Vegan ( last night in Oakland. It’s a restaurant that serves vegan soul food. It has a really laid back quirky vibe and the food is awesome. You order one main and up to three sides (or just 3 sides in my case). The sides are amazing, they do things like mac and cheese (vegan of course), black eyed peas, potato salad, mustard greens, yams – I’m not making this food sound very exciting but believe me it was totally nom. I would have taken a photo but I had inhaled the plate before I remembered. Whoops.
All I can say is that it is a good job I don’t live here otherwise I would be eating this sort of food far too often and that would not be good for me at all – I’d be the size of a a bus! 🙂
The other bargain was that Anne had managed to get a groupon and so the three of us got dinner for about $12 – bargainous!

Marmalade Skies

28 Sep

California Sunset

28 Sep

Jack London Square

28 Sep

UCBerkeley Campus

27 Sep