24th September

25 Sep

Today was a day off from work, and lucky for me, some friends from the UK are in the area on vacation/live in the area for work, so they drove over and picked me up from my hotel and we drove up the coast from San Francisco to Heart’s Desire Beach in Inverness, CA at Tomales Bay State Park.
We were meeting some of Anne’s friends for a beach party, so when we arrived we helped to set up and got the BBQ going. They were cooking chicken, steak and oysters on the BBQ: lots of chicken, steak and oysters… it was quite heavy on the dead things, and light on the veggies, considering there were 3 veggies there.
We hung out on the beach all afternoon, and walked down the coast along the trails, which were cool because there was lots of information about the Miwock Indians who used to live there, as well as little teepee homes that they used to live in, which was nice to see.
Not a bad day really considering I would have usually been pootling around on my own. The only bad thing was that the weather wasn’t great, it was overcast and foggy all day, which was a shame. Even so, I have still managed to catch the sun. 🙂


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