The Cake for a Wedding

18 Feb

Today I’m at a wedding.

I work with Lindsay at the University. She is a sparky Canadian and I adore her. So, when I heard that she was planning a wedding at very short notice, and an even shorter budget, I wanted to do everything I could to help out.

The result was that I somehow found myself volunteering to make a cake for the wedding. Not a wedding cake, that has far too many perfection connotations, no, I would be making her a cake for her wedding.It was both a terrifying and thrilling prospect.

I love to bake, and being a vegan I love conjuring baking magic in the kitchen and wowing my friends and family with just how delicious and fulfilling food can be when you remove all aspects of cruelty. So, being given the green light to make a cake for an omni wedding was a real thrill.


I really wanted to get it right so a fortnight ago I had a test run. It had to be different to the cake I was making for the actual wedding so I 

made a four layer vanilla sponge, with (vegan) red food dye in it, and covered it in chocolate fudge frosting. I deliberately made it with wheat-flour so that I couldn’t eat any (I wasn’t about to sabotage the diet I have been working on since Jan), and so the cake went into the office for sampling. The feedb


ack was very positive,and the cake disappeared into peoples’ tummies pretty swiftly. So I knew my sponge recipe was just about right.

So that takes me to Friday night. I left work a little early with my plan to construct a 6 layer sponge cake, with purple and vanilla stripes, raspberry jam filling and vanilla frosting. 

I got the first layer out of the oven and it was looking pretty amazing, 


and smelt pretty amazing too. The vanilla sponge recipe I was using worked really nicely. I carried on and got all six sponge lay

ers completed and cooled and started the assembly. That’s where the first disaster occurred. As I started with the layers they started sliding about all over the place. and then one of the layers collapsed completely. 

So, I decided, 6 layers was too ambitious. Two layers were scrapped and we went back to a four layer cake. I covered it in a thin layer of vanilla frosting and put it in the fridge with some trepidation – would it all hold together?

This morning, when I came down to the kitchen for breakfast, and the essential morning coffee, I opened the fridge door nervously. Would I find a cake disaster. I let out a relieved breath to discover a perfect crumb coated four layer sponge cake waiting for me.

The cake was frosted this morning, and is currently resting in the fridge before tonight’s reception party. And I’m really happy with it. Lindsay and Colin have bought a Lego geisha and samurai for the cake toppers, and I’m really excited to see them with their little feet nestled in the vanilla frosting. They are going to cut the cake with a samurai sword. The next task is to transport the cake from my house to the reception venue without damaging it or destroying. Keep your fingers crossed for me!






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