Yaw Eladseet Episode 4 – Middleton-One-Row to Stapleton

25 Mar

No pictures again! I’m slacking aren’t I?!

Today was part 4 of the Teesdale Way from Middleton-One-Row to Stapleton, and what a day for it. Despite it only being March the weather today was more akin to May, and many a pasty winter skinned leg and arm was revealed as the temperatures rose to the high teens!

Lovely easy walking along the side of the Tees for 10 miles, with lunch at a pub, and post walk drinks at the pub in Stapleton resulted in a fabulous day’s walking, and I’ve even caught some sun!

No walk for me next weekend because I fly out to Toronto tomorrow morning for work, and I will be out there for a week. I am really looking forward to heading out there. Toronto is one of my favourite cities, the people and the food is amazing, and next Saturday I will be attending Toronto Roller Derby’s ‘Quad City Chaos‘, so it promises to be a brilliant week of work (and a bit of play too).


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