27 Mar
I’m currently in Toronto: sadly for work rather than play, but there will be a little bit of time for play…. More about that later!

I flew in yesterday. The journey over was ok despite the 2am alarm call and the very short connection at Amsterdam Schiphol airport (less than 1 hour – I nearly had to run to make my flight!) The journey took 7 hours 20 mins and I watched a couple of movies to kill time (Horrible Bosses and Time(??) (that one with Justin Timberlake in – the name escapes me).

I had an interesting time at immigration. The officer took offence to the ‘yellowness’ of my passport photo and I was detained at immigration for a bit whilst they had a good look at my passport. Random, but it wasn’t a problem.

Then it was a case of heading to Loblaws for some groceries and heading to the hotel for a 4 mile leg stretch run and some food before an early night (by which point I had been up for about 24 hours).

Predictably I woke up at 4am this morning – thanks jet lag – so I headed to the gym for a bit and got myself sorted. Now I have a busy day ahead of school visits and dinner with some college counsellors, should be fun and hopefully the jet lag won’t make me too tired!


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