Back in Blighty

3 Apr

I’m back in the UK.
The journey home was pretty quick. Too quick really. I can sleep pretty much anywhere but with the flight only being 7 hours there wasn’t really enough time to get any decent sleep in. As a result I felt pretty grim once I got back in to the UK.

So, 12 hours sleep and I’m feeling a whole lot more human, and look mostly human except a blood vessel burst in my right eye on the way home so I have a lovely zombie red eye going on (seriously attractive!)

I went for a run on the treadmill at the gym today (5.3 miles, 54 minutes).
My running is going really well at the moment. I tried to get a ballot place for this year’s Great North Run, but unfortunately I wasn’t successful. Several of the walking group have a place so I’m training for it regardless and plan to be first reserve for any of the group that get injured and can’t take part. And if I don’t get a reserve place, training to get my mileage up to 12 miles won’t do me any harm whatsoever. 🙂


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