Eating my way around NYC

29 Apr

I’ve spent the last 6 days in NYC for work. I adore NYC, and have had a wonderful time wandering the streets, people watching, and having early morning runs in Central Park. I have also been having a lovely time sampling all the amazing vegan food places.

The first place on the list was Candle Cafe, mostly because it wasn’t far from my hotel so it was logical to eat there on my first night. Candle Cafe is located on the Upper East Side. I had eaten there on previous visits to NYC and had enjoyed it, so was looking forward to returning. Unfortunately, my 2 visits on this occasion were underwhelming. The food was ok, but nothing amazing, and I felt that I could have made something pretty similar myself. Indeed, the Market Plate I had on my first visit was pretty similar to what I make myself most evenings.

The second time I ate there I had their seitan burger. Again, it was nice, but nothing amazing, and after two underwhelming eating experiences, and luke-warm service from the staff I figured that I really couldn’t be bothered returning to Candle Cafe again.

The next place I ate was Angelica Kitchen. Angelica Kitchen was one of the first vegan restaurants I ever ate at in NYC, and still remains a firm favourite. They have a wonderful menu, but also change the specials every day, so you are always sure to find something exciting to eat. I ate there three times during this trip. The first time I enjoyed a Sweet Potato and Sweetcorn soup with Angelica Cornbread, and their legendary walnut lentil pate. 

I enjoyed this so much I had the walnut lentil pate the second time I dined there. The soup was different, and I didn’t fancy it, so I ordered the Angelica cornbread with their Miso Tahini Spread (amazing).

The third time I ate there, the special on the menu was Randle Patrick McTempeh (gluten free)

Tangy grilled tempeh baked in an apricot marinade, & topped with
caramelized onions accented with thyme; served with a red quinoa-quinoa-amaranth blend. Accompanied by broccoli & roasted carrots; garnished with
wild dandelion greens.  Oh my, it was delicious. If you are ever in NYC I do heartily recommend Angelica Kitchen.

In addition to delicious meals, I have also been filling up on vegan junk-food, and probably adding lbs to my current weight (serious diet time when I get back to the UK). Some of the highlights include a trip to Babycakes NYC for delicious, gluten-free baked goods. I enjoyed a piece of their chocolat

e crumb cake, and also one of their chocolate glazed doughnuts.

I also went to stogo for some vegan ice-cream. The amazing thing about stogo is not only the huge range of delicious dairy-free ice-cream. They also stock Babycakes NYC baked goods, which means that you can use 2 Babycakes NYC cookies to make an ice-cream sandwich. Oh yes, the image is chocolate chip cookies wrapped around some pistachio ice-cream! Heaven, and impossible to eat in a lady-like manner!

So, my recommendations should you be visiting NYC: definitely hit Angelica Kitchen, Babycakes and Stogo. Give Candle Cafe a miss, there are better places to eat in Manhattan, and you won’t be missing anything by not eating there.


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