Home again, home again, jiggly jigg!

5 May

I’m back from my trip, and feeling a little spaced out. I’m not too sure why, but yesterday’s travel home seems to have completely wiped me out, so I am having a lovely relaxing morning with BBC news, protein porridge, proper coffee (not the filter rubbish you get in the USA), and google reader to catch up with all my blogs. Fantastic. When I’m feeling a bit more human I will head to the gym for a run, but that will be later. Much, much later.

The Washington DC part of my trip went pretty well. I wasn’t there for long, which was a shame because I was really enjoying myself. The hire car I had was really nice, and I was enjoying driving it. Also, the hotel I was staying in in Georgetown was fantastic: one of the nicest that I have stayed at for a long time! It was called the Savoy Suites and I really liked it. It was particularly handy because there was a gym, Whole Foods Market, and a Starbucks all about 5 minutes walk away. 🙂

However, at the end of the trip I was feeling tired and looking forward to returning to my own little house. I flew home with KLM from Washington Dulles airport, via Amsterdam. The KLM flight was ok. I watched the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Gardens and had a nice sleep. KLM are usually pretty good for vegan food on board, but this time, they gave me yoghurt for my breakfast meal (and not vegan yoghurt). However, the lovely flight attendant had some fruit squirrelled away, and gave me that instead, which was really really kind.

So the plan for the long Bank Holiday weekend is to get my body clock back onto UK time, spend a bit of time in the gym, go for a walk (possibly the Lakes on Sunday), catch up with friends, and generally relax. Sounds great, no?

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