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Vegan Adventures: Brighton Edition

21 Jan

I was in Brighton for work last week, which is always a massive treat because Brighton seems to be the epicentre for awesome vegan eats and treats. 

I visited last summer with The Boy. We stayed at Paskins Townhouse, and ate at Terre a Terre. We had an awesome time.

Paskins was a great B&B, and we enjoyed our stay there immensely. It was a little bit of a walk from the town centre, so this time, because work was paying, I stayed at the Hilton on the sea front. 

I love seaside hotels with that faded Victorian glamour, and the Hilton had it in spades. Grand sweeping staircases, massive high ceilings, the full shebang.

Whilst my accommodation was different I was determined to return to Terre a Terre because I had nothing but great memories from my visit last summer. 

I wasn’t disappointed either.

The restaurant, when I arrived at 6pm, was still almost empty. Even so, attentive wait staff showed me to my table and gave me the menu. I chose the set menu, because it had things on it that I would have chosen anyway, and seemed good value for money.

I don’t usually go for 3 courses: it’s usually too much food for me, but this time I thought ‘to hell with it’ as the food at Terre a Terre is too good to pass on. 

My three courses were absolutely amazing, but like my last visit, I think my starter was my favourite.

I noticed that they also offer an afternoon tea, and I would love to experience that. Has anyone tried the vegan tea? What’s it like? I was also recommended Food With Friends by a local, has anyone had a vegan meal there, and how does it compare to Terre a Terre? 

I also had a good mooch around the great vegan shops in Brighton, stopping into Infinity Foods to drool over all the amazing things they had on offer, and purchase some of their delicious vegan baked goods.

I dropped into Vegetarian Shoes to have a look at what they had on offer. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this brand. I like their products, but I think they are expensive. Also, the quality of the shoes is really hit and miss. I’ve had the Snowdon Walking boot and the Vegan Ugg boots from them, and they have been great, but other shoes I have purchased from them have not been great quality and have fallen apart in less than a year, which makes me reluctant to buy from them. Have you had is experience with Vegetarian Shoes? What do you think of their shoes and boots?

 I also came across a gorgeous dress shop called Pretty Eccentric ( which had some beautiful stuff. Sadly a lot of it was a little out of my price range, but it was stunningly beautiful.
The young lady I spoke to explained that they design for the modern woman, but are inspired by design from the 20s – 50s. The result was just stunning.


Vegetarian Shoes and Manchester

19 Jan

My vegan Ugg boots from Vegetarian Shoes arrived today, and they are well worth the wait – so warm and cosy! I’m totally thrilled with them! If you want warm, toasty feet and maximum style you can’t go far wrong ordering a pair for yourself!

I’ve also been in Manchester for the past two days for work, but whilst I was there I dropped into the 8th Day Co-op and Cafe.

The Co-op first of all, which is great, and stocked with all your favourite vegan/vegetarian foods, drinks, chilled items, frozen items, beauty and household items. I came away with some black rice udon noodles, and nearly bought some spelt pizza bases but the fact I would have to carry them around Manchester for 2 days put me off!

My evening meal was taken in the cafe in the basement below the co-op. It was lovely and cosy down there, and quite quiet. I ordered their Dragon Pie (and aduki and vegetable cottage pie) which came with a lovely side salad, and finished it off with a slice of chocolate rum pie. Both were really yummy, and the reason I have no photos to show you is because I had troughed my way through the pie and half-way through the desert before I realised I should have taken a picture. Ooops!

There was plenty to choose from in the cafe from soups to salads to more substantial hot dishes. They do breakfasts too. There was also lots of gorgeous looking cakes and biscuits, and coffee and tea galore. Upstairs in the co-op there were also fresh items to take away (sandwiches, pie, pastries, cakes, etc.) so good vegan/vegetarian food a plenty, and lots of wheat-free options. I would definitely return here next time I’m in Manchester.