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Tumblebee Hotel Room Key

28 Jun

SoprArno Suites, Florence 

Tumblebee Hotel Room Key

24 Jun

A hotel review of the Hilton Doubletree at Excel London Docklands.



19 Jan

I know.
I haven’t updated my blog for more than a year. Shocking.
But hey, I’ve been busy!

Highlights included much travel: Hong Kong, Norway, Turkey, Canada, USA, Finland and many wonderful UK locations in the last 12 months alone!
And meeting a rather lovely boy, who has been monopolising my time, but I can’t say I mind.

But I miss writing, so I am trying not to be so remiss about updating my blog.
I have lots of travel booked in this year and so plenty of opportunities to write about interesting places and food.

No excuses!


Toronto Playlist

21 Sep

I’m in Toronto for work. It’s raining, and I’m listening to:

  • Bad Timing – Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Call Me In The Afternoon – Half Moon Run
  • Geisha – Plaitum
  • She Sells Sanctuary – Smoke Fairies
  • Leaving Blues – Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley
  • Drop Anchor – Martin Rossiter
  • Aokigahara – The Nocturnes
  • Lover You Should Have Come Over – Jeff Buckley
  • I Want To Be Adored -The Stone Roses
  • London Town – The Nocturnes

Long Time No Blog

15 Jul


Ok, ok, I know I have been remiss of late with regards to blogging. Life/life/minor writing block/life got in the way. I have been doing LOADS though, but that’s a rubbish excuse when I could have been writing about it. 

This week’s playlist:

  • Night Engine – Young & Carefree
  • White Noise – Disclosure
  • Geisha – Plaitum
  • She Said – Retro Stefson
  • Jewel – Bombay Bicycle Club

Yaw Eladseet Episode 3 – Preston Park to Middleton-One-Row

26 Feb

Part three of the Teesdale Way today from Preston Park to Middleton-One-Row. About 11.5 miles along the river Tees, so pretty flat, but very pleasant walking.


We had a really good turnout today too with 23 members of the group in attendance. I think the dry mild weather helped!

The Wedding. And the cake!

19 Feb

So the wedding…!

We were so lucky with the weather. It doesn’t happen often in February but, despite being bitterly cold, the sun shone!

Half of the office made it to the Registry Office in Durham in the morning to see Lindsay and Colin tieImage the knot. The service was small and lovely. The bride looked adorable, and groom looked very smart in his kilt, and the bridesmaid, who looked cute as a button, was very very well behaved.

Lynsey and Colin spent the afternoon with their close family members at Lumley Castle enjoying a meal (which I hear was absolutely lovely).

The evening ‘do’ was a lovely homemade event at a local church hall where Colin and Lynsey run a swords club. Both are pretty adept with a samurai sword, and we  were treated to a wonderful sword demonstration by members of the club, and finally Lindsay and Colin. All I can say is that when Lyndsay is wielding a sword, she is a very frightening lady. I’m a little worried about asking her to do banal office tasks for me now! 🙂 We also enjoyed a lovely Northumbrian piper (I adore the Northumbrian pipes), and then there was dancing, but not before the cake was cut (with a samurai sword of course). 



The cupcakes had been made by one of the other girls in the office, and it was by complete chance that the frosting matched. It almost looks like we co-ordinated! There were two little girls at the reception, and I have never seen girls happier than when they were told that they could have a cupcake each! 🙂

Oh, and for those curious whether the purple stripes came out (because I certainly was), here is the proof, and everyone tells me that the cake was really good. So, mission accomplished, despite the 6 layer mishap (see the previous post)!


Adventures in cake making

5 Feb

Homemade Salsa

5 Feb

Flat white chai & gingerbread

25 Jan