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Fresh on Bloor

30 Mar

I adore Fresh on Bloor (and that rhymes too!)

I try to restrain myself from eating there every day when I am in Toronto, the food is just soo good.

This trip has turned into a pretty busy one, so I have only managed to eat there twice on this trip so far. I ate there on Tuesday, enjoying a tomato and yellow split pea soup with cinnamon and fennel for lunch – absolutely delicious, and yesterday I ate a late lunch / early dinner there before rushing off to deliver an evening presentation to some parents at a school.

Yesterday I chose a salad to enjoy. It’s funny, but I’ve never had one of Fresh’s salads before. I’m a big salad fan, but I figured salads are easy, I can do them myself (and do nearly every day), why bother with a salad when there are lovely things like Burgers and Dragon Bowls to consume?

Well, I was wrong. Fresh salads are not simple, and they are delicious. I’ve been missing out by ignoring them until now.

I chose to enjoy the Mega Life salad which consisted of marinated tofu cubes, grilled spinach, alfalfa & sunflower sprouts, grated carrot, toasted nut & seed mix and salad greens. I chose to have it dressed with the Tahini Dressing (ground sesame, lemon, garlic and parsley).

God it was good. First off it was vast. There was loads of each of the ingredients, lovely big walnuts (I love walnuts), plenty of tofu, loads of carrot and generous amounts of spinach (yum). The dressing was delicious and worked so well with the salad.

Lets just say I’m a fan.