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Long Run Saturday

6 May

Yesterday I ran 7 miles.

This is the longest that I have ever run, and I am so pleased with myself. In addition to that, I felt really good, and could probably have done a mile or more on top of this distance, but decided to call it a day at 7 because that was Saturday’s goal distance.
On top of that I did a PB on my 6 miles (62 minutes), which really pleased me too.

The next time I do a long run I would like to see if I can make it to 8 miles. However, I am meant to be going to London next weekend to attend the World Burlesque Games and generally have a fun girly weekend, so it will probably be a fortnight before I get a chance to do this.

Today I am off to the Lake District with some of the Darlington Dales and Hills for a little ramble. I have no idea what the plan is, it is all very ad hoc as the majority of DD&H are in Skipton for a walking festival, but the mountain weather forecast suggests that it is perfect walking weather in the Lakes today (cold, still and clear), so it bodes well for a superb day’s hiking.


Summer Running

21 Apr

I’ve been ramping up the miles with the running recently, and have really been enjoying it.

I’ve decided to spend the summer solidifying my 10k distance, so have booked in several 10k races for the summer:

My current schedule fits around my hiking, and the rest of my busy life, and looks something like this:

  • Monday: Fast 20 minute run
  • Tuesday: 40 minutes on the cross trainer in the gym
  • Wednesday: 45 minutes run
  • Thursday: 40 minutes on the cross trainer in the gym
  • Friday: 45-50 minute run
  • Saturday: Long run (currently at 60 mins, will slowly increase this over the summer)
  • Sunday: Hiking with Darlington Dales and Hills

Obviously life happens too, so with the two gym days it is easy to move things around if needs be, to ensure that I get the most out of each week’s training. I’m also being careful to listen to my body and to take a rest day every 7 – 10 days to enable my body to repair itself. I learnt the hard way how frustrating it can be when you ignore your body and get injured, as you can’t train at all then, and that sucks!

I’m tracking my training on daily mile. Friend me on there if you like! 🙂